Its getting real. I´m morphing out of holiday mode into “I´m moving to another country to work in fancy job which have yet to prepare for” mode. I just checked out from the university library a huge stack of books on Kosovo and journalism in the Balkan war and beyond. Its funny, but since I started working in Public Affairs in Kabul my knowledge of the rest of the world has been greatly compromised. When being so focused on just one country, it doesn’t give you a lot of time for anything else. But it´ll be fine. Fun stuff really.

2 responses to “Jikes

  1. Tjarnargötupésinn

    We have to have a”lets fix the valkyre’s blog” date this week. You also need to pick up that stupid clothing rack, it’s totally in my way 🙂

  2. ég var tótally búin að gleyma að þú værir byrjuð að blogga aftur:)

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