Congratulations, I have arrived!

So I am here! In Pristina that is. And so far so good! My new job seems to be both exceptionally challenging and immensely fun. I feel like a bit of an idiot some days but being the new girl that should be quite normal. The Kosovars are great -very very welcoming, friendly and seem to go out of their way to be nice to you. I have never once gotten the oh-so familiar feeling that somehow the locals are trying to cheat you.

Before I came, I got many warnings on the supposed ugliness of Pristina but now having seen it, I don’t think the city is that bad at all! Granted, the centre is very Soviet-Union, i.e. tall ugly box-style buildings and lots of traffic, but the hills surrounding it are pretty and littered with small red-roofed houses and tall trees. And even in its ugliness, the centre is interesting and the community is delightful. The city is very old school with vegetable stalls (all organic and DELICIOUS) on every corner and you buy your meet in a special store. Some internationals find it annoying, but I find it quite charming. I promise to post pictures as soon as I can get my internet up!

3 responses to “Congratulations, I have arrived!

  1. jeiii,
    gangi þér allt í haginn þarna úti 😀

    kv. þóra

  2. Early the Great

    Hey honeykins,
    gaman að heyra að allt gangi vel – annars finnst mér algjört rugl að þú sért alltaf að flýja land sko… átt að vera hérna heima hjá okkur! Missir af Stedd-baby og alles!!!
    Eníhú, gúdd lökk með framhaldið og vertu dugleg að leyfa okkur að heyra af afrekum þínum í úglandinu 😉

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