A victorious day!

Firstly, I would like to say congrats to my Viking handball heroes, winning silver at the Olympics! For a nation of just over 300.000 people this is phenomenal! Nothing short of this athletic feat would encurage me to wake up at nine o’clock on a Sunday morning and although we lost the gold, Im terrably proud of our guys!

Secondly, I have found and confirmed an apartment! A great litle place -with a guestroom- in the hills overlooking Pristina. After having romed neighbourhood after neighbourhood looking at countless flats, I am quite happy with mine. Its renovated, new, the furniture is nice and everything works! None of this is a given here in lovely Pristina (at least unless for an unreasonable fee) so I’m  quite happy! This means I’ll be abandoning the mansion in the hills and into my own modest little accomodation. Hurrah! Victory!

One response to “A victorious day!

  1. Jááááá getting the silver is fantastic! A day we will all remember for a looooooong time hehe

    Congratulations!!! That sounds really nice and romantic and it will be good to start making it your own and feel more at home. (well I know you are made for a mansion and private driver but be modest for now!! haha)

    Like the sound of a guest room….perhaps perhaps hmmm


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