Four jobs I have worked in my life:
-gimp at Dominos Pizza
-bartender / waitress in Costa del Sol (Spain)
-Guide and manager at a Viking farm in rural Iceland
-Public Relations Advisor (Kosovo)

Four favorite movies:
-Stella i orlofi (best movie ever)
-Mulain Ruge. Love the wibe, the costumes, the songs, the drama. Love it
-Casablanca. Beautiful. Sad. Charmismatic. Its a classic!
-Lion King. Best cartoon ever. Saw it 3 times in the cinema. Go Simba!

Four places I have lived:
-Fossvogi. Stomping grounds of young me. Very grand in memory (Iceland)
-Grabbanum. Best neighbourhood in Iceland
-A Modern Moroccan slum, complete with gay bondage pub and switch bar (Spain)
-Heidelberg, in an old manor, serving as a dorm. Saw my first and only ghost there Germany)

Four TV shows I like:
-America´s next top model. What is not to like?
-Dr. Phil. I know he is sleazy but I just cant stop watching…
-House. He is just to cool. And Billy from Neighbours is in it.
-Neighbours. Best TV show ever. Period

Last four places I have holidayed in:
-Dubai. Strangest place in the world. Skying in the desert. Underwater restaurants. Shoppingmalls decorated with gold and jewles. A must see. But only if you have money
-India. Delhi (skip it). Jaipur (great). Agra (a must-Taj Mahal). Goa (paradise on earth)
-Iran. Coolest place ever. Extremely nice people, rich culture. Cant wait to go again
-Brussels. Working trip -with a little pleasure. Cute city and cheap beer

Four webpages I look at everyday (excluding blogsites):
-google. Naturally!
-mbl.is. Mostly for the horoscopes.
-facebook. Im hooked

Four kinds of food I like:
-Avocado. Yummmmmmmmm
-Mosarella. Yummmmmmmmmm
-pop corn. Yuummmmmmmmmmm
-Ferrerro Rocher chocolates. Yuuummmmmmmmmm

Four books/magazines I read often:
-Ísfólkið (the “Ice-people”… nordic book series about witches and cursed people. very tacky, but good…)
-1001 Night. classic. needs no explination
-Gone with the wind. at least once every summer… it recides in our cabin
-The Ecconomist. for when Im trying (and usually failing)to be intellectual

Four places I would love to be at right now:
-Swiming. In a propper Reykjavik pool
-Salamanca. Because its still my vida, mi corazon
-Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan ect. On a road-trip on a motorcicle (not that I know how to use one)
-Kabul. Because Im retarded

Four places blogger I challange!:
Ásta (byrjadu nu aftur ad blogga kerli min :))

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  1. Gebba. Kommon… skrifa svo!!!

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