I´ve written before of the sense of belonging. Its weird, Iceland´s national identity is being re-written as we speak, and I am not there to participate in it or experience it. I´ve complained for years of our political in-activism but now that people are actually marching the streets and protesting, I am sitting in a cozy job abroad. Building up other people´s countries while my own is burning. I am actually afraid that when I go back, I wont even belong there anymore. I´ll be a foreigner without a country.

4 responses to “Identity

  1. So, you should hurry up and move back home straight away!

  2. some days unemployment in Iceland actually sounds tempting!

  3. don´t be afraid honey, you know what they say; “home is where the heart is”, and although you feel like a “citizen of the world” or even a nomad roaming the planet restlessly searching for belonging, I´ll bet that in your heart, you´re here… which makes this your home forever, no matter how long you stay away…
    you can take the girl out of Iceland, but you can´t take the Iceland out of the Girl 😉
    Lookin forward to seeing you in 10 days bebe!!!

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