Its getting real. I´m morphing out of holiday mode into “I´m moving to another country to work in fancy job which have yet to prepare for” mode. I just checked out from the university library a huge stack of books on Kosovo and journalism in the Balkan war and beyond. Its funny, but since I started working in Public Affairs in Kabul my knowledge of the rest of the world has been greatly compromised. When being so focused on just one country, it doesn’t give you a lot of time for anything else. But it´ll be fine. Fun stuff really.

Life of the lazy

Waking up around noon. Hanging on the internet and eating nothing but cheese on toast. Sunbathing in my parents garden, sipping a Breezer. Im actually getting a very slight tan. Something that a year in Afghanistan, a country that turns expats into Africans, did not manage to do. Perhaps its the Breezer that penetrates my world famous whiteness?

An attempt

Apparently i am the worst blogger in the world. According to a friends annual survey. My new years resolution was to be a more efficient blogger this year than the last. Since I only posted 11 posts last year, I am well on my way. And this time, I will ramble on in English. It will give greater chance for world domination.